International Stop Tar Sands Day has been a huge success, continually growing awareness over the last 3 years but now it needs to be taken to the next level and so we will be taking a break this year (2013) to focus our energies on critical campaigns and building on what has been achieved.

4 tar sands pipeline decisions could be made this year along with the possible finalisation of the EU Fuel Quality Directive. If we ensure all these decisions protect people and the planet, we will be one massive step closer to stopping the tar sands.

 This site is to raise awareness about the destructiveness of the Albertan tar sands.

International awareness about the tar sands is one of the keys to stopping the tar sands and we find the best way to raise awareness is to be creative, stay positive and have fun!

We encourage you to get your family, friends and community together to help us stop one of the largest and most destructive energy projects in the world.


We are not a group or organization but everyday citizens from around the world. Mothers, fathers, brother, sisters, young and old  who recognize that it is time to stop talking. We must act now before we reach the point of no return.

To find out more about International Stop the Tar Sands Day please click here. 


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This is a defining moment in our history, a time to make a choice, to draw a line in the sand and say this is too far, too much is at stake and we have to make it our choice. Peter Barker, ISTSDay UK Organizer



1. Raise international awareness about one of the most destructive energy projects in the world - the tar sands of northern Alberta, Canada.

2. Encourage and inspire everyday people like us to get involved in stopping the tar sands and climate change.

3. Support Canadians as they confront the tar sands industry - we believe in you!

4. Show people there is a creative, positive, and fun way to bring about change.

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