The one thing that the tar sands movement needs right now is you. The movement needs you to care, needs you to understand the problems and the solutions related to the tar sands and most importantly it needs you to do something about them. What you do is entirely up to you. Only you know what you are truly capable of and willing to do. Just try to do what you can and do what you want and it will make a difference. 

Help make ISTSDay happen...

If you want to help us with International Stop the Tar Sands Day thats great! The more people involved means the more awareness about the tar sands we can raise. First thing you could do for us is spread the word. Tell your friends, family, colleagues, teammates, school, dance studio, club, trade union, organization, etc., about ISTSDay, and the tar sands and why they need to be stopped. You would be amazed in the power of small talk.

From there you can contact one of our organisers and ask them how you can help. Since we are not an organization we pretty much need people do everything from web design, putting up posters, sending emails, creating games, allocating supplies, painting banners, research, and providing us with ideas in general.

If you want to organise something in your community that is fantastic! Don't feel like your event has to be big or fancy, it simply has to happen. ISTSDay events have taken the form of film screenings, bike tours, photo opps with handmade banners, tar and featherings. Be creative, stay positive, and have fun with your event and it will raise awareness!

or find out about other campaigns! 

International Stop the Tar Sands Day is only once a year, but there are plenty of organisations around the world who are working everyday to shut down the tar sands. All of them could definitely use your help. 
CANADA - The Tar Sands Watch website provides a pretty good "Top 12" list of the groups in Canada who are the most active at the moment. Over 60 First Nations have come together in the Save the Fraser Declaration to stop the Enbridge's Nothern Gateway Pipelines (or any other tar sands project) from being built on their territories in British Columbia. This one is THE next big pipeline action. Complimentary to this is the Tanker Free BC campaign to ban oil tankers on the coast of BC. No oil tankers on the Pacific coast, and no pipelines through BC means little access to the markets in places like Asia for the tar sands industry. The heart of the movement to shut down the tar sands is the First Nations peoples of northern Alberta who are represented by groups like RAVEN or the Indigenous Environmental Network

USA - In the US, Tar Sands Action has done some amazing work. You can really give them the credit for stopping the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline (could have nearly doubled the amount of tar sands oil going to the US). They are not quite an organisation, but more of a movement of ordinary people like you and me.  

EUROPE - The UK Tar Sands Network is the one organization in Europe solely devoted to shutting down the tar sands. Many European organisations like Friends of the Earth Europe and the World Wildlife Fund UK are running campaigns to stop tar sands extraction in Canada as well.

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