Confirmed Demos for the 18th June:

London (UK) - Canadian High Commission (Grosvenor Sq.) - contact Pete -

Berlin - Canadian Embassy (S + U Potsdamer Platz) - contact Derek

Den Hague (Netherlands) - contact Micha -

Copenhagen - Canadian Embassy - contact Carlos -

Lisbon - contact - Joao -

Love the EU

Greetings from Berlin!

Those words rarely come out my mouth ("Love the EU", not "Greetings

from Berlin"). But three weeks the EU surprised me a little.

The EU Climate Change Commissioner confirmed in March the EU Fuel

Quality Directive (FQD) will identify oil derived from tar sands as
having a higher carbon footprint than conventional oil.

Needless to say I have never been so exciting about a piece of

legislation in my entire life!

Do not think that the Canadian government and/or the tar sands

industry is going to take this one lying down. Just last week the
Canadian government was once again threatening to take the EU to the
WTO if they proceed with this decision.

This confirmation by the EU is a great step down the long yet

inevitable path that will shut down the tar sands. We will continue
here in Europe to raise awareness about the EU FQD and the tar sands
in order to ensure that the EU makes the right decision. This year
could not be a more important year for our demonstrations in Europe.
Not only is the Canadian government thwarting the EU´s efforts to
reduce their carbon emissions, they are now interfering with EU
democracy. No European elected the Canadian government to speak for

Couple other updates. On March 26th in Berlin, Joe (Berlin organiser)

put together a showing of the latest tar sands film (Dirty Oil) that
went over rather well with the audience. And just last week, Micha
(Amsterdam organiser) organised a little intimate talk for me with
university students in Middleburg, Netherlands about International
Stop the Tar Sands. Thank you Micha and Joe for raising more awareness
about the destructiveness of the tar sands even before the
demonstrations kick off on JUNE 18TH, 2011.

And at the end of April, Peter (London organiser) will be in Berlin to

meet Team Berlin and discuss what we will be doing in front of
Canadian embassies in Europe this year. On May 13th, Joe and Jendrik
(also a Berlin organiser) will be the guest speakers at a film showing
of "Crude - The Real Price of Oil" in Berlin. Yet another opportunity
to spread the word about International Stop the Tar Sands Day.

Things are rolling along quite nicely everyone. Keep up the good work!


European organiser

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