Hi Guys,

This installment of the newsletter is taking you down under! This is

what is happening on the Tar Sands Australia front.

Some exciting new developments:

1) the Western Australian police approached us last week about a
possible Perth demonstration, I`m not quite sure how they found out
about us but I sure am hoping that we have people talking already!
2) i got a forwarded mail from a student environmental activist
mailing list in Sydney, with our project outline attached, rallying
people to get involved saying "this has to happen!"....right on :)
3) Joel has stepped up as our Melbourne contact person, welcome!!! Any
ideas for the Melbourne demo please write him:

So far we have made contact with key climate change activists and

slowly getting our friends involved but we need more help! Does any
one have any friends that haven`t yet considered to get involved? Have
any new Australian`s popped up in your social network that you could
coax into helping?

The two main reasons why we are planning to hold demonstrations in

Australia this year are that:

1) the ANZ Bank is invested in the tar sands

The Anz bank is reknowned for their lack of ethics, Greenpeace
Australia already has a campaign against ANZ so hopefully
International Stop the Tar Sands Day will push buttons that have
already been activated and inspire people to call their bank
accountable or put their money some where more ethical!

2) Australia has an oil shales deposit in Queensland

Oil shales are very similar to tar sands. By my understanding, they
are rocks that contain kerogen which can be converted into synthetic
crude oil using energy intensive and environmentally devasting
processes just like the tar sands.

The Queensland Oil Shales deposit has not been fully developed....yet.

The first attempt was thwarted in 2004 by a local campaign involving a
petition of 20,000 signatures to the Queensland government. It has
since been bought by a company who wants to develop it using "cleaner
technology" from ...the Canadian tar sands! They were still in the
first phase of development last time I checked and will still need to
be approved for stage two. Australians stopped the oil shales once
here, we will do it again!

And just for a little general info on the Australian climate change


In relation to climate change the biggest issue in Australia right now

is Coal. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was ousted by coal company
lobbyists last year when he tried to impliment a carbon tax scheme.
Now his replacement Julia Gillard is trying the same thing and it has
caused quite an uproar with conservatives claiming that she is going
to ruin the economy, have everybody lose their jobs and basically
start the apocalypse...(nothing we havent heard before really). The
climate change debate is peaking in Australia right now, protests for
and against climate action have been causing a stir in mainstream
media. The fact that there is an "anti-climate action" campaign headed
by conservative talk-back radio hosts indicates that climate-change
deniers are getting scared that we might actually be right! People are
getting passionate and International Stop the Tar Sands Day Down Under
is not only going to build awareness about the Tar Sands and
unconventional fuels it is going to add to an already growing
movement, come on Aussie come on...!

Happy campaigning!



Cheree Mack

Tar Sands Australia Contact Person


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