Links to information and related groups:

Describing a visit to the Tar Sands

"The Most Destructive Project on the Earth"

For a more detailed explanation, this National Geographic article:
"The Canadian Oil Boom" (March 2009)

To find out more, go to the tar sands websites of the two leading institutes in the field:

Pembina Institute

Polaris Institute

Other good sources of information are Oil Sands Truth ( and let us not forget Greenpeace!

Start with this 10 minute video from the Dirty Oil Sands Network titled "Canada's Dirty Oil: Breaking Our Addication" for a brief overview:

The European Union itself seems to be yielding to the tar sands industry (Reuters' article, March 24th, 2010):

Greenpeace's "Tar Sands in Your Tank" report (May 10th, 2010) also indicates that average Europeans could be unknowingly filling up their vehicles with tar sands oil.

Who is involved? Just to get you started- Shell, Exxon, Total, Statoil, Petrocanada, Chevron, Marathon, Suncor, Japan Canada Oil Sands, Korea National Oil Corp. and soon BP

And for a complete list, check out this report from the industry itself. Go straight to the last page under "Contacts".:

Find out if your bank is financing the tar sands:

Rainforest Action Network's (RAN) List of Banks Financing the Tar Sands:

Here is an overview of the best and worst gas stations you can go to.

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