International "Stop the Tar Sands!" Day is coming to Canada!

submitted by Derek Leahy


I heard the news today oh boy!

BERLIN, GERMANY - Last March, when I sent my first email to my first group and subsequently got my first non-response, I never imagined this - a stop the tar sands action in Canada taking place the same day as our demonstrations in Europe (July 17th). 

Don't get me wrong, a demonstration or action in support of shutting down theCanadian tar sands taking place in Canada is logical. The power to stop this disaster lies solely in the hands of us, the people of Canada. But back in March while trying to convince European environmental groups that the tar sands were a problem for Europe as well, I was having trouble staying optimistic that the demonstrations would take place in Europe at all, let alone Canada. 

That is why I am proud to announce that Climate Justice Montreal and Ensemble Les Contre les Sables Bitumineux are organizing a solidarity action (critical mass bike tour) for July 17th (please see link below) the day of our demonstrations in London (UK) and Berlin, Germany. 

So far, so good. 3 actions in 3 cities in 3 different countries. I wonder what city/country will be added to the list next?

And for those of you who are involved in the Montreal action or who have plans of getting involved in Montreal, I want you to know you have made all of us working on the Tar Sands Demonstrations Europe Project extremely happy. I'll admit  we were ecstatic when we got the news! It has given us even more motivation to keep plugging away at our project over here. Merci Montreal! 

Bloc vélo contre les Sables Bitumineux: Réclamons notre rue! / Tar Sands Free Zone Bike Bloc: Reclaim Your City