A day we´ll never forget...

It was UNBELIEVABLE! International Stop the Tar Sands Day 2011 saw 50 events in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa all to raise awareness about the destructiveness of the tar sands. Not bad for our second try! Take a look at our video (left) and find other videos and photos on "YOUR PICTURES - 2011" page of what was the largest international event to stop the tar sands ever!

Two months later....

This was followed by the largest single action to date to stop the tar sands - Tar Sands Action. Thousands of people engaged in civil disobedience at the end of August in Washington DC to stop the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline (if constructed, Keystone XL will significantly increase the amount of tar sands oil flowing to the US). And this was only phase one of the Tar Sands Action. More actions will take place across the US in the coming weeks. 

But it didn´t end there!

Just when we thought things could not get anymore interesting, on September 26th Canadians held a peaceful protest in the Canadian capital of Ottawa to demand an end to tar sands development. For a little bit of inspiration from our Canadian friends watch the video below.

Thanks to people like you, 2011 has turned into the break out year for the international campaign to stop the tar sands. THANK YOU.

The date for International Stop the Tar Sands Day 2012 will be announced at the end of the year. Stay tuned! 

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