On the 17th July 2010 we held our first demo's in Berlin, London and Copenhagen.

We were quickly joined by other groups wishing to show support, Utah, Montreal and London - Ontario. On the 18th Sept we organised follow up demos in Paris and Vienna.

Watch our video story on the right.

Next year will be awesome..... 

Action Report - Canada House - London UK

To graphically illustrate the mess oil companies are making of the beautiful Canadian Boreal forests of Alberta, a girl holding a Canadian rose, sitting on a Canadian flag gets drenched in 'oil' by a guy wearing a (S)hell hard hat.

Around 50 demonstrators holding banners, posters and Climate Crime Scene tape converged at midday on Canada House, the High Commissions' premier property in the UK.

On arrival we found security staff had been posted at the front and back doors with a Policeman half way along the building.

So the demo started at the Pall Mall entrance to give the 'glug, glug, glug team' a chance to set up, but then quickly relocated around to the other side where a slow motion oil slick, as Tar Sands have been described, was running over the girl, flag and steps of the formal entrance in a bid to raise awareness of the devastation caused by the Tar Sands.


Action Report - Canadian Embassy - Berlin

"It's bottom-of-the-barrel oil, like sucking up the beer spilled on your rug from last night's party," says organizer of Berlin's demo-festival on International Stop the Tar Sands Day.

"Keep Canada Green! Stop the Tar Sands" yelled participants at a 'demo-festival' in front of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin Saturday July 17. About 100 people played games like "tar sands twister" and "tars sands beach volleyball", watched stand-up comedy while engaging hundreds of tourists in Berlin's busy Postdamer Platz.

"I believe in Canadians. They will make the right choice to shut down the Tar Sands, the worst environmental disaster on the planet," said first-time organizer Derek Leahy, a Canadian living in Berlin.

"I love Canada's beautiful nature. It is terrible what is going on there," said Berliner Jendrik Terasa, one of the organizers of the demo-fest, who has lived in Canada. "This is not just a Canadian issue, Germany is heavily involved in selling equipment and in financing there."

"The destructiveness of Canada's tar sands is far worse than the Gulf Oil spill. And billions of euros are being pumped into double the size of tar sands operations," he said in an interview.

Collin North, a young Canadian living in Berlin explained that he was participating because he does not want to be part of a generation that did nothing to stop the tar sands. "Thinking 50 or 100 years into the future, what will people living then think about what we have done to the planet," North said.

North summed up the first International Stop the Tar Sands Day in Berlin as: "...a great day -- entertaining and informative. We're taking a step in the right direction."


And from outside the Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen;

Also Utah, USA;


and outside the Royal Bank of Canada HQ in London, Ontario....


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